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AlpenGlass insulated glass units (IGUs) help your windows meet more rigorous energy standards without adding weight, changing design, or breaking the bank.

Our ThinGlass IGUs were developed in partnership with Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, tested through rigorous third-party certifications, and are proven with millions of square feet in the market.

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Discover Our Thinglass IGUs

Zero re-design. Negligible added weight. Minimal extra cost.

Tailored to meet your window needs.

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Wide range of sizes and thickness

Compatible with 3/4" – 2 1/4" glass pockets in sizes up to 72" x 108"

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Triple or Quad Pane

Our Quad Pane IGU’s are as thin as 1"

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Customized for your needs

With options up to R-15, you can meet today’s most rigorous building codes and reach top-of-market performance

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Wide range of coatings & configurations

Tempered, laminated, impact, bird friendly glass, and more.

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Standard and specialty applications

High altitude, safety glazing, impact resistant, sound attenuation, tinted and spandrel

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Seamless Integration

AlpenGlass integrates seamlessly into any window design without modifications.

It meets building codes and ENERGY STAR® standards while maintaining optimal solar heat gain and window-to-wall ratio.

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Durability and Accessibility

Made in the USA to ensure competitive pricing and timely order fulfillment.

AlpenGlass is engineered to last and comes with a 20 year warranty.


Lightweight Design

AlpenGlass is ~30% lighter than traditional triple pane units.

This allows for larger and more ambitious designs - all while maintaining maximum energy efficiency.

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Low Embodied Carbon

We maintain a sustainable process through efficient production, minimized material usage, and long-lasting product designs.

How We Help You Meet Your Goals

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Continued tightening of code, ENERGY STAR® standards, and customer expectations are stressing existing window designs. Traditional triples and 4th surface coatings help, but they are full of tradeoffs.

Alpen packs R-5 to R-15 performance into the weight and dimensions of a traditional dual pane IGU with much tighter condensation control and solar tuning than traditional alternatives.

Serving north america

Manufactured in Colorado and Pennsylvania with shipping across North America

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AlpenGlass thin triples and quad pane IGUs markedly improve thermal performance without adding significant cost or weight. Our quad pane windows demonstrate an average payback of under 2 years in GSA Green Proving Ground Testing.

40+ Years of Excellence

AlpenGlass is a trusted supplier of custom triple and quad-pane insulated glass units. Our IGU’s are lightweight, long lasting, and contain low embodied carbon. They are the simple solution for window manufacturers adapting to ever-changing efficiency standards.

Alpen was the first company in North America to commercialize thin glass in architectural applications. We have millions of square feet of thin glass already in the market today. Our thin-glass technology offers triple and quad pane performance that fits seamlessly into traditional glass pockets.

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